2 Veganwax Wraps Large size

2 Veganwax Wraps Large size

2 Vegan wax wraps for food packaging by Susso

Vegan wax wraps for food are a sustainable alternative solution to cling film or plastic container. Plastic free, reusable, biodegradable and hand-made in Italy.

Large - Package come with 2 wraps of 30×30cm: perfect for large plates, sandwiches, large bowls, half melon, a head of salad, it's perfect to maintain fresh bread.

Ingredients: Made with Carnauba flakes, Candelilla wax, Soy wax, Pine tree resin, organic jojoba oil infused into a 100% cotton fabric.

How to use: Susso Vegan wax wraps are really easy to use, however it is important to keep your hands in contact with the fabrics for a few seconds to get a perfect closure.

How it works:

  1. Select the food or container that you want to seal;
  2. Pinch and heat the ends of the fabric with your fingers;
  3. With the heat of your hands you will activate the wax, helping you to shape the wrap and seal perfectly your food to store;
  4. Wash it in cold water with natural soap or vinegar;
  5. Dry it in a cool environment;
  6. Store it in a dry place and have it ready for Reuse (up to six months).

Keep your food fresh! The combination of natural ingredients allows the cotton fabric of our Vegan wraps to breathe. Preserving food fresh and for longer.

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